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 Week 1 & 2
Introduction & Discussion: Why Creatives Suck at Running a Business- Video & Group Discussion.
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Week 3 (Live)
Discussion: Training Overview, Time Blindness and Challenge.
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Week 3 (Video and Challenge)
Take the first two steps in supercharging your business!
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Week 4 (Video and Challenge)
To ensure that you enjoy the journey as much as the destination, you must make sure that your "Car" is up to the test!
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Week 5 (Lesson & Challenge)
How to create a Purpose statement in 15 minutes.
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Week 6 (Live)
 Shame & How it affects your bottom line.
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Week 6 (Video)
 Why businesses fail-Personal Story. 
Video & Lesson
Week 7 (Video Lesson & Worksheet)
 Why (you think that) everyone is doing better than you are. 
Video & Worksheet
Week 8 (Video Lesson & Worksheet)
Ever invest time and MONEY into a set build, studio redesign or special offer, only to have NO BOOKINGS!?
Video & Worksheet
Week  9 (Video Lesson)
Imagine building a skyscraper without a blueprint---Sounds kind of risky, right?
Video & Post
Week  10 (Video Lesson)
7 critical steps to structuring your business, ensuring each layer is strong, purposeful, and cohesive.
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