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What are Nudescapes¬ģ?

(and why you should offer them)


Nudescapes¬ģ is a coined term used to describe the amalgamation¬†of fine art nude photography, often referred to as "bodyscapes" in the boudoir photography industry, combined with an emphasis on highlighting the textures, curves and uniqueness of each clients body.


Typically,¬†bodyscapes (as well as other fine art¬†nudes) showcase a very specific type of human¬†whereas Nudescapes¬ģ was created to empower and embolden ALL bodies and ALL¬†humans.


Nudescapes¬ģ can help with¬† your clients' ability to see their body in a new, less judgmental way.¬†We must remember that every client is in a different leg of their journey¬†and¬†aiming for body neutrality is the first step in overcoming years of body shaming propaganda.¬†


'By creating images that are more focused on fine art aspects, we rip away a lot of the preconceived notions of how our client should appear and be photographed, and instead, we photograph them how they are.'


Need more of a reason than that for offering Nudescapes¬ģ?


First, and foremost, you'll be improving your overall client experience¬†by both offering and completing the Nudescapes¬ģ training. You can then¬†Apply what you learn from the course to ALL of your boudoir photography and LEVEL THE FUCK UP LICKITY SPLIT!

 You'll stand out in your market. That in itself is pure GOLD. 

You'll make¬†more!¬†Create additional revenue by offering Nudescapes¬ģ as an add-on bonus, limited edition session or by upselling additional items like wall art, which are a HUGE hit since people are more likely to display anonymous photos.¬†

Connect to a completely new market. Fine art nudes will appeal to a new clientele that boudoir photography may miss. 

You'll create TIMELESS art. While I am a sucker for all things shiny, there is a lot to be said about simplicity. The focus stays SOLEY on the client.

Designed Specifically for photographers by photographers.


When I created this boudoir lighting course, Nudescapes¬ģ, I designed it around what I felt was lacking in the boudoir education industry, actual training...Not just fluff!



I also kept in mind that, more often than not, boudoir photographers and other creatives tend to have a short attention span.


As a neurodivergent boudoir photographer, I know and understand the frustration of investing thousands into boudoir photography education and then not having the time or attention to complete it.

Thus the idea of including a cliff notes "down and dirty" version of the video training was created! 


Go from watching to shooting in under 40 minutes!

 Seriously! Then go back and watch the rest to see what you can do even better!


Designed Specifically for ALL SKILL LEVELS with or WITHOUT off camera lighting.


 Yes, you read that right.


When I was creating this bodyscapes style course, I kept in mind that the boudoir photography industry spans over various skill levels, experiences and lighting preferences.


With that said, I wanted to include, not only the typical flash photography training, but also cover boudoir lighting techniques using constant and natural lighting.


Each lighting technique is demonstrated via video and include examples and PDF lighting diagrams. 


I walk you through every step of the process down to the equipment that I use and recommend!


I even included two separate boudoir lighting hacks to help you control your lighting on the cheap if you're not ready to invest in new equipment.



Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner with basic knowledge, you will benefit from this boudoir training!



What's included with Nudescapes¬ģ?


  • 5 hours of Video courses, including shooting, posing and light set up.
  • 50-page Lighting & Posing Foundations guide.
  • Photoshop actions to take your skin retouching to the next level.
  • Lightroom presets designed¬†with Nudescapes¬ģ in mind.¬†

Get Wet & Wild

Bonus Video: Shooting water droplets. Learn the secrets to getting THE PERFECT wet shot! Apply it ANYWHERE!

Presets & Actions 

Designed specifically for Nudescapes¬ģ, they will cut down your editing AND give you that signature luxury look.¬†


Lighting and Posing Fundamentals Guide 

I took the guess work out of the posing AND lighting so you can just focus on having fun.