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Make a SPLASH with these boudoir water tutorials! 

Includes everything you need to nail these original BouDIY® Concepts and designs.

 Nudescapes® by BouDIY®

Create stunning images for every BODY that will get you noticed AND get you paid!

in under an hour!


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Cinematic Lighting for Boudoir Photographers


Want your photos to look like they were plucked out of a big budget film..without blowing the bank?


Learn the actual cinematography techniques that Alaynna Marr of GlamMarr Studios Inc uses in this course that will bring your sessions to the next level.


BouDIY® Uncensored Boudoir Photography Courses

Learn Innovated Boudoir Lighting and Photography techniques WHILE having fun!


These boudoir tutorials use Alaynna Marrs Original concepts, sets and Ideas designed SPECIFICALLY for Boudoir photographers! 

All of the Uncensored Tutorials are designed so that the lesson can be photographed with natural, constant or flash.

Its up to you!

Build the set or just learn the lesson to increase your skill level without lifting a finger.

Tutorials includes Set design, lighting, editing and list of supplies and more!

BouDIY® - RedRoom

One of our BEST SELLERS! The original Redroom set up and lighting! Multiple looks included!

Great for all skill levels

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BouDIY® - Go For Baroque

Alaynna shows you how to create and design a Rococo inspired set from thrift store finds! 

Includes art histroy, basic design elements and lighting and composite tips. Plus I'll show you my editing for a painted effect!

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BouDIY® Uncensored-Malibu Baddie

Everything you need to know to create the color of the sunset and more! Check out this tutorial focused in on creating saturated sunset colors.

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BouDIY® - {In}Decent Xposure

Learn to recreate my set including building faux walls and this gorgeous canopy bed PLUS how to light, pose and shoot for perfect skin in CAMERA!

Bonus Posing foundations. included!

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BouDIY® - Blacklight for Boudoir

Alaynna Marr of GlamMarr Studios teaches you how she takes and creates STUNNING blacklight boudoir.


Plus 2 new set concepts and more!

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BouDIY® - Spaced Out-90s Inspired 420 set.

Want to stand out and create one-of-a-kind images but don't know where to start?

Do you wish you had more space or that you could paint your walls every other week?


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BouDIY® - Midsummers Night Nymph

This one needs no introduction as its Our most popular uncensored set build! Im sure you've seen it around!

Over 90 Minutes of instructions on how to build light and shoot this set. Includes multiple looks and exclusive overlays to bring your fae vision to reality!


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Other BouDIY® Boudoir Education

BouDIY® Boudoir Business Tutorials

Take your business to the next level with our Boudoir Business and marketing guides. 

Our Best selling NO SLEEZE "model" call method is one of the most popular boudoir business guides out there! Our guide is unlike any others and it contains THREE different methods to make money AND get noticed!

Bundled with our highly coveted Boudoir "Brand ambassador' guide, you have everything you need to run a successful boudoir business AND still have time to create.

and in case you need a step by step Creative Boudoir Marketing Campaign, thats Coming soon: The Creative Struggle. Bring your ideas to life--the RIGHT way!

BouDIY® Boudoir Presets, Overlays & Effects

That photo missing something?! 


Add that finishing touch to your image with our highly customizable digital boudoir enhancement products!

or Grab our Overlay tutorial and learn to create your own IN CAMERA effects and overlays!


WARNING! These items are highly addictive and will have you glued to your computer creating and customizing for hours!

BouDIY® Hacks Member for only $15/per month!


One new Hack per month (plus previous hacks tutorials) focused on boudoir photography. The hack tutorial is a short, to the point "hack" that covers anything from DIY Marquee Letters to How to get the perfect skin tones Lightroom. 
Whatever it is, it's sure to be jam packed with goodies that you can add to your bag of tricks. 
New Basic WinFaux 2.0 is now available!


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