Are you ready to take your boudoir photography business to the next level?

Welcome to the new and improved BouDIY® course designed exclusively for boudoir photographers like you!

For boudoir photographers seeking to enhance their business, model calls and brand ambassador programs offer indispensable benefits.

These initiatives present avenues for increased revenue, skill refinement, and workload delegation--and we're just getting started!

What sets these strategies apart is their capacity for authentic marketing.

Through the genuine advocacy of peers and storytelling, your participants effectively communicate real-life challenges and solutions, building trust with potential clients.


In this course I'll show you how to:

  • Gain invaluable insights into the intricacies of Model Calls VS Ambassador programs. Our course equips you with downloadable resources, including Duties and Responsibilities Lists, to help you make informed decisions tailored to your unique business objectives.


  • Discover innovative strategies to enhance your brand presence and attract your ideal clients. Through engaging video content, we'll introduce you to the fundamentals of leveraging models and ambassadors effectively in your campaigns.


  • Uncover insider secrets on how to leverage your model calls for maximum impact. From Marketing Material Checklists to Session Interview Questions, we provide the essential tools to elevate your promotional efforts and showcase your brand's unique offerings.


  • Bonus: Unlocking the power of AIDA marketing strategies to captivate your audience and maximize your outreach.


  • Take charge of your business success with practical tools and techniques provided in our course. From Application Questions to Red Flags to watch out for, we offer downloadable templates and expert guidance every step of the way.


  • Navigate the complexities of onboarding, conducting interviews, and sealing deals with confidence. Our course provides comprehensive resources, including Interview Templates, Contract Checklists, and Model Release Forms, ensuring seamless interactions with your models and ambassadors.


  • Kickstart your journey with our Quick Start Guides and Step-by-Step Overviews, offering help and insight into setting up email management, digital forms, and landing pages.


Whether you're a novice or seasoned professional, our course provides the essential resources to streamline your operations and drive business growth.

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What’s Inside?

  • Exclusive Video Lessons:
    • Gain insider knowledge on effective strategies to elevate your boudoir photography business.
  • Downloadable Duties and Responsibilities List:
    • Unlock the secrets to choosing between model calls and ambassador programs with our comprehensive checklist. Tailor your approach based on your business objectives and maximize your campaign's impact.
  • Customizable Objective Selection Form:
    • Before hiring anyone, clarify your purpose and objectives with our downloadable form. Craft a targeted strategy that aligns with your vision and drives tangible results for your business.
  • Fair Agreement Recommendations:
    • Gain access to expert advice on creating fair agreements for different model call approaches. Ensure transparency and mutual benefit in your partnerships with BouDIY's exclusive insights.
  • Application Question Templates:
    • Streamline your applicant screening process with our ready-to-use question templates. Identify the perfect fit for your brand with categorized questions designed to uncover the most relevant skills and attributes.
  • AIDA Marketing Form:
    • Captivate your audience and boost engagement with our AIDA marketing techniques. Craft content that grabs attention, generates interest, creates desire, and prompts action for your model and ambassador calls.
  • Example AIDA Campaigns:
    • Get inspired by our example AIDA campaigns for model calls and ambassador programs. Copy and Paste from these examples or adapt these proven strategies to suit your unique business needs.
  • Interview Questionnaires:
    • Conduct effective interviews with our curated list of interview questions. Cover all bases, from goals and objectives to professionalism and online presence, to ensure you find the perfect match for your brand.
  • Prepayment Qualification Questions:
    • Protect your time and resources by qualifying candidates upfront with our prepayment qualification questions. Secure commitments before committing to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.
  • Red Flags Checklist:
    • Avoid potential pitfalls and mitigate risks with our red flags checklist. Identify warning signs early on and make informed decisions to safeguard your business interests.
  • Model Call Phone Script:
    • Master the art of qualifying applicants with our proven phone script. Navigate conversations confidently and address essential points about prepayment to set clear expectations from the start.
  • Acceptance and Denial Letter Templates
    • Streamline your communication process with our ready-to-use acceptance and denial letter templates. Provide clear and professional feedback to applicants while maintaining a positive brand image.
  • Onboarding Guides:
    • Set your models and ambassadors up for success with our comprehensive onboarding guides. Follow step-by-step instructions to prepare them for their roles and ensure a smooth transition into your campaign.
  • Contract Templates:
    • Seal the deal with our customizable contract templates for models and ambassadors. Define expectations, outline compensation details, and protect your interests with legally sound agreements tailored to your specific needs.
  • Trial Period Form:
    • Evaluate the impact of your ambassadors with our trial period form. Gather valuable feedback to refine your strategies and maximize their effectiveness in promoting your brand.
  • Marketing Material Checklist:
    • Supercharge your promotional efforts with our marketing material checklist. Ensure you have all the essential content elements to create compelling campaigns that resonate with your audience!
  • Session Content List:
    • Stay organized and prepared with our session content list. Maximize the marketing potential of your sessions by capturing high-quality content that showcases your brand's unique offerings.
  • Session Interview Questionnaire:
    • Elevate your brand's visibility with engaging video interviews of your models. Use our questionnaire to ask the right questions and create captivating content that attracts potential clients.
  • Theme and Ideas List:
    • Infuse creativity into your campaigns with our theme and ideas list. Spark inspiration and explore new concepts to make your model calls and ambassador programs stand out from the crowd.
  • Quick Start Guides:
    • Kickstart your journey to success with our quick start guides. Whether you're setting up email management, digital forms, or landing pages, we've got you covered with easy-to-follow instructions and expert tips.
  • Step-by-Step Overviews:
    • Navigate the setup process effortlessly with our step-by-step overviews. Follow along with detailed photos, videos, and examples to streamline your operations and accelerate your business growth.

With these irresistible goodies, you'll have everything you need to revolutionize your boudoir photography business and achieve success!

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