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Learn new lighting and photography techniques WHILE having fun!

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BouDIY Make it RainRoom

I teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to build, light and photograph AMAZING rain images, without breaking your bank!

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Free boudoir photography business training by BouDIY

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You read that right. I discuss how I was able to hit almost 300k my first year as a full-time boudoir photographer as well as how i've increased my revenue every year while taking less clients. No Bullshit.

Free boudoir photography training by BouDIY

Learn how to photography and light for boudoir. I show you how to create a fake window for boudoir photography, in camera effects and much more!

Free boudoir editing videos by BouDIY

In these free boudoir training videos, I show you how to edit boudoir photos, retouch skin and add effects in post!


The BouDIY Faux Window

The OG $50 faux window for boudoir photography is still one of the BEST things I've ever created!

Everything you need to build yourself one in under 5 minutes.