Does traditional marketing leave you cold and uninspired?


You're not alone.


My name is Alaynna, and for nearly 20 years, I've dedicated my career to empowering women through boudoir photography and I've faced that challenge head-on, time and time again.

Traditional marketing approaches can sometimes feel disconnected from the creative process, leading to disinterest or boredom among artists who thrive on communication and innovation.

To bridge this gap, I've centered the course's marketing campaigns around something that naturally excites photographers: the development of new set builds, studio re-designs, or thematic elements based on client feedback.

By aligning the marketing process with set builds or studio redesigns, I've ensured that learning marketing feels like an extension of your creative process, not a departure from it.

My approach: Ditching the conventional for something that resonates with the heart of my brand, GlamMarr®.

The result: Amazing reviews, a booked-solid schedule, a waitlist stretching years along with a fulfilling career that supported me in every way.

It's all about storytelling, engaging, and connecting on a deep level with your ideal client.


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  • Final Course Launch:  Jump on the Bus again in September when the final course is launched and join us again for weekly meetings and Q&As with real time help.



While the content and videos have been professionally prepared and contain juicy information, I am actively refining aspects such as the sequence of presented information, as well as revising, expanding, or condensing lessons as deemed necessary.

  • The evolution of the course will be significantly influenced by the feedback I receive during our live support sessions and surveys from you and other participants.
  • These sessions are a critical opportunity for us to address any points of confusion and to adapt the course content in real-time, ensuring we craft the most effective learning experience possible.
  • Rest assured, any modifications or updates to the course will be made available to you at no extra charge.


All lessons are available but this course, as it stands, is not in its finalized form.

Consider this iteration as the initial final draft. 



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