BouDIY® Authentic Marketing for Creative Boudoir Photographers

The {Creatives} Struggle Bus Marketing for Creative Boudoir Photographers

A no-nonsense, all-action course created for BOUDOIR photographers who are ready to ditch the imposter syndrome and get serious about their business.


Here's the Real Deal:


  • No Sugar-Coated Promises: I won't promise you overnight success; that's on you. You'll need to bust your ass to achieve greatness. What I offer are the tools to make your journey smoother, based on the battle-tested strategies I've honed over 20 years in the boudoir industry.
  • Personal Experience, Real Results: Every technique, every piece of advice comes from my two decades of ups and downs. This course isn't theoretical—it's practical, actionable, and raw.
  • Step-by-Step Mastery: From unraveling the mysteries of effective pricing to mastering marketing that actually speaks to your ideal clients, I break down every step. You'll understand not just the "what" but the "how" and the "why."
  • Hands-On Help: While I can't do the hard work for you, I take away as much of the guesswork as possible. With comprehensive guides and marketing blueprints, I simplify the complex, making each week of marketing manageable and aligned with your goals.


  • Learn foundational marketing strategies and the psychology of your clients to authentically connect with your ideal audience.
  • Discover the journey your client undergoes from being a stranger to becoming a customer and master the art of communication at every stage of this journey.
  • Keep creativity at the heart of your marketing, making it your unique selling proposition.
  • Step-by-Step Campaigns: Follow weekly, easy-to-understand marketing campaigns designed specifically for boudoir photographers. Tried and true methods that I still use to this day.
  • Promotion Frameworks: Get frameworks for showcasing new sets, sales, or increasing group interaction, with guidance on building your own.
  • Real-Time or Batch Content Creation: How to set parameters that will help you to create impactful content in real time, alongside batch content strategies. (No special programs required)
  • Flexibility for All: Whether you prefer planning ahead or spontaneous creation, this course suits all creative styles.
  • Lifetime Access: Enjoy forever access to the course, with downloadable content for on-the-go learning.

Special Bonuses Include:

  • Fundamental Foundations: The basic (but comprehensive) fundamental building blocks that every business needs in place FIRST. This includes understanding limitations, motivations, incentives, and objectives for both yourself personally as well as your business.
  • Streamline Set Development:  Discover strategies to efficiently save time and money through careful planning of your sets, poses, and editing techniques.
  • Optimize your R&D with Step-by-Step content ideas for new sets, redesigns and/or promotions.
  • Price Yourself like an Artist: Learn how to price your artistry and stand out in the market.

Coming this fall: You're invited to the Creative Struggle Bus Joy Ride.

This initiative is designed as a collaborative journey through the course, with a special emphasis on enhancing your marketing skills.

I'll be there to guide you and your fellow participants, offering personalized assistance and insights to refine your marketing strategies. 

It's a fantastic opportunity for alumni to revisit the course with fresh eyes, share your insights, and experience the course improvements first-hand!

DISCLAIMER!!!! Course will be in your library immediately, but Access starts April 1, 2024!


$1,500.00 USD

DISCLAIMER: The course, as it stands, is not in its finalized form. Consider this iteration as the initial final draft.

While the content and videos have been professionally prepared and contain juicy information, I am open to refining aspects such as the sequence of presented information, as well as revising, expanding, or condensing lessons as deemed necessary.

The evolution of the course will be significantly influenced by the feedback I receive during our live support sessions from you and other participants. These sessions are a critical opportunity for us to address any points of confusion and to adapt the course content in real-time, ensuring we craft the most effective learning experience possible.

Rest assured, any modifications or updates to the course will be made available to you at no extra charge.

Soft Launch Course Version access begins on 4/1.