BouDIY® Cinematic lighting on a budget

Whether I am shooting the colorful images that I am known for or dramatic black and whites, the reason that my work is so highly recognizable is that all of my photos have something in common---

They Tell a STORY

My name is Alaynna Marr and I have spent the last decade at GlamMarr Studios Inc developing my signature cinematic lighting style.

After years of trial and error, I have broken down my secrets to lighting cinematically into 5 easy steps that will work almost anywhere with any gear.

I’ll teach you:

4 POWERFUL characteristics of lighting that will turn your photos from flat to phat. You can apply the knowledge from this section to improve ANY style of photography!


You'll use the concepts that learn about manipulating lighting and you'll apply that to every day on scene items such as windows, walls and ambient lights.

Translating Cinematic vibes to still images through the art of visual Immersion by using quick, easy ways to balance and blend your lighting on scene.

Breaking Down the scene. Yes, it’s a lighting course but you must know WHAT to light first!

Putting it all together on scene.  Practical Demonstration and loads of golden nuggets. Working with SHITTY LIGHT and SMALL SPACES.

Plus these bonus items:

Quick tips for Cinematic retouching 
Secrets to Upselling Cinematic sessions. I tell you how I upsold my cinematic sessions and started earning the big $$$.
Lighting small spaces and practical solutions
Adding emotion through practical effects
Creative color balance
Printable 5c’s on scene Checklist


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