What would you say if I told you that you can expand your boudoir photography skills, stretch your creativity, stand out AND make money, WITHOUT feeling bored and overwhelmed?

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Say fuck off to imposter syndrome! You'll learn the latest and greatest techniques to level you up like a MOFO!

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Tutorials are released every other month along with a live Q&A Meeting with Alaynna Marr the month following each tutorial. You have access to every tutorail for the DURATION of your membership! 

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make more.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. No matter what your business model is, an increase in overall skills and service WILL make you the obvious choice to those looking.

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Complimentary Access to our Uncensored group where we can share and interact without censorship. You will also have access to specific private spaces for discussion of each months set. 


What is the BouDIY® Uncensored Membership?

What is the BouDIY® Uncensored Membership? The BouDIY® Uncensored membership is twofold. First you will be granted access to the Uncensored community. The Uncensored community is a non-Facebook platform without nudity censorship hosted by BouDIY®. It has a similar style to Facebook so it’s intuitive to use. This community allows for you to share and connect with other members without the censorship of typical social media. The Uncensored community is also a forum to discuss included monthly tutorials as well as other events. The second half of the membership are the monthly tutorials centered around unique, "pop up" sets. These sets are budget friendly, rental friendly, small space friendly and for the beginner through advanced photographer

What do I get for being a member?
  • One tutorial every other month that covers set design, lighting and editing.
  • Each tutorial will feature a new concept design with various ways to light and style each set. You can easily customize these sets so that yours is unique to you!
  • Each tutorial will showcase such things as technical skills, lighting techniques, practical effects and post editing techniques. In other words, you can skip the set design and STILL learn oodles of things that you can apply to your current workflow.
  • Add something new and exciting to your portfolio, learn new techniques, as a pre-payment perk and/or to run as a mini session or limited-edition session (Great for model calls!!)
  •  Add new skills to your tool belt and stand out
  • We will also be offering CC the month after each tutorial is released to help you nail the techniques that you have learned that month.
  • Complimentary Access to our uncensored forum where we can share and interact without censorship. You will also have access to specific private spaces for discussion of each months set. 
And member discounts, member perks, contest and much more!
All set designs are with various light sources (natural, flash, constant, ambient, etc.)

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