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These boudoir training are completely free and my gift to you. Please feel free to share this page with other boudoir photographers as well. 

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  • Shooting & Editing Moody
  • Frequency Seperation
  • Editing Like a Lazy Boss
  • the original BouDIY® WinFaux- DIY >100 Fake window
  • Shooting and Lighting a Shower Scene


Secrets to Six Figure Photography Income


You read that right. I discuss how I was able to hit almost 300k my first year as a full-time boudoir photographer as well as how I've increased my revenue every year while taking less clients.

No Bullshit!

Click for trainings such as:

  • Pricing your business with REAL numbers
  • Booked or overlooked. 10 Secrets from GlamMarr Studios
  • DIY Model call
  • Inclusive Packages 

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We offer a variety of free boudoir training and video tutorials to help you learn the basics of boudoir photography. Our tutorials cover topics such as marketing your boudoir business, posing techniques, lighting, and editing. We also provide helpful tips and advice on how to capture the best boudoir photos of your career.

Our FREE FOR ALL BouDIY Uncensored community is a great place to connect with other boudoir photographers and share ideas and experiences without the censorship of social other social media platforms. We also offer exclusive discounts on products and services that can help you take your boudoir business to the next level.

If you’re looking for more in-depth boudoir training, we offer a variety of paid courses and maybe even some upcoming workshops. These courses are designed to help you master the art of boudoir photography and take your business to the next level, without breaking the bank!